Why theaterreviewsfrommyseat?

Welcome to theaterreviewsfrommyseat.com.  As an avid theatergoer, I have decided to create my own review site for a number of reasons.  Today we will discuss the first reason:  too many critics (and online blogs) give away far too much plot and storyline detail.  As an example, last night I saw 3-Legged Dog’s “3/Fifths” billed as “a radically interactive Carnival and Cabaret.”  After seeing the show I went online to read the New York Times review.  In my opinion, there were far too many specific elements of the show detailed.  It was enough to know that the show takes place in Supremacy Land, an ethno-theme park where upon entering we each get to select attending the show as white or colored.  The cast was uniformly excellent and committed to their roles.  While the show might benefit from a little bit of tightening, “3/Fifths” is, oddly, simultaneously funny and uncomfortable on its journey to disturbing and surreal.  If that makes you want to run downtown and check it out, then maybe this website is for you.